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At the end of August, the NFL agreed to $765 million to settle a lawsuit with 4,500 players and families regarding accusations that the league withheld information about the long-term effects of frequent head-to-head contact. You can see the details in this New York Times article. The documentary sets the timeline for the investigation of […]

On Tuesday afternoon, the 2013 NFL calendar popped off. Those following more than a handful of NFL beat writers and insiders probably turned to the antacid or pharmaceuticals to stave off dizziness from the barrage of Tweets. Some of the signings went down easily, more than a few sparked Twitter debates between experts, and others […]

The Twitterverse was abuzz on Tuesday morning with great anticipation for the start of free agency. I assume somebody saw the famous “Twitter Whale” along the way, but my unending run of innumerable Tweets from NFL Insiders and beat reporters forged ahead without fail. My head was spinning as the countdown clock wound to zero. […]

Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

Heinz Field is crumbling, but Hines Ward cannot be contained. Check out the veteran receiver’s footwork in the new “Dark Knight Rises” trailer.

Across the Twitterverse & various social media sites, the world of sports talk radio and water coolers (I used the term loosely) everywhere, a single name dominated Monday’s conversations. The BCS Championship Game was just hours away, but those discussions of title splits, SEC fatigue, Nick Saban’s countenance and Les Miles’ creativity were an afterthought. […]

We talk about “The 12th Man” and home field advantage at every turn. In the final weeks of the NFL season, we watch as team’s vie for those coveted spots and then dole out playing time in line with whether that objective is met or fades away. If you’re a Steelers fan traveling to Denver […]

Over the past week, we’ve heard one million and one takes on the Ndamukong Suh stomp from Thanksgiving Day. Some have taken the outrage to laughable levels. I called for the two or three-game suspension late last week because of Suh’s growing reputation, the Thanksgiving stage and the emphasis being placed on cleaning up the […]

1 Green Bay 2 Pittsburgh 3 Philadelphia 4 New York Jets 5 Chicago 6 Baltimore 7 San Diego 8 New England 9 Detroit 10 New Orleans 11 Dallas 12 Atlanta 13 New York Giants 14 San Francisco 15 Kansas City 16 St. Louis 17 Arizona 18 Tampa Bay 19 Houston 20 Minnesota 21 Oakland 22 […]

Following the media circus that rolled into town to cover Ben Roethlisberger in 2010, the Steelers were hoping for a quiet offseason (other than the lockout questions, of course). Early in the day, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison took over the Twitter-verse and Facebook as snippets of his Men’s Journal interview started to surface. As […]

Quotes from a Men’s Journal interview with Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison popped up online Wednesday morning. I can only imagine the reaction at Steelers headquarters when the content was relayed. If you’ve followed Harrison’s career at all, you know that he’s a man who doesn’t mince words. The full interview will be available when […]

Kids’ bedtimes took me away from the computer and draft coverage. So, I’m going rapid-fire for these Final Seven. Let’s rock and roll. #26: Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh to Kansas City (Baltimore’s clock had expired) — Cassel and Bowe get much-needed help #27: Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado to Baltimore — I thought he’d end up […]

The countdown is on. I’m putting together the bags and readying my head for what will assuredly become a five-day marathon. At 6:10 am PT, the wheels should be up and I’ll be crashed out for a brief nap before arriving in Dallas. I don’t suspect that the weather will stop me out of LA, […]

After an extended absence from the video world (his tired eyes say it all), Harmon takes to yelling about the third round of the epic Pittsburgh-Baltimore battle. Who’s the difference-maker this time out? Baltimore & Pittsburgh: Round III

Mike Harmon and John Halpin reconvene for the first time in awhile to discuss the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. Harmon proffers his predictions, they talk a bit about their MLB mock draft and have some fun with the glory of snow days. F15 Wednesday: Halpin Returns Check out the archives at .

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We begin the final two weeks of the regular season on the frozen field in Pittsburgh. The Steelers welcome the Panthers, who are limping to the finish line. Troy Polamalu is out, and Chris Gamble likely sits in the Carolina secondary. Pittsburgh wins this game. I’ll also pick them the cover the sizable -14 point […]

I banged the drum this offseason for myriad teams to take a shot at veteran receiver Terrell Owens. Ultimately, he teamed with Chad Ochocinco to form one of the finest media-savvy duos ever. Unfortunately, Ochocinco has been relegated to the role of decoy right now (he was nearly shut out in Monday’s loss to Pittsburgh). […]

It’s time to honor this weekend’s “Fantasy Man-Crush” for heroics on the field of play. There are many worthy candidates out of Sunday’s action, but I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge Ben Roethlisberger’s return to action against the Browns. * Again, we’re looking in-between the white lines for fantasy heroism here. We’ll […]

Harmon had a chance to chat with Mike Wallace of the Steelers earlier this week to discuss the team’s hot start, Mike Tomlin’s leadership, this week’s matchup with Baltimore and whether Wallace can out-run the Jugs gun. Check it out here .

As we approach the holiday weekend, I thought it only appropriate to do a quick-hit, rapid-fire run through the news stories hitting the wire as we race out the door to barbeques, college football tailgates and face-painting design meetings. Did I go too far? Let’s run through five stories on the wire right now, starting […]

The final rounds of the draft are reserved to fill two roster slots. After loading up on running back depth and building a deep receiving corps, fantasy owners roll toward defenses and kickers. Occasionally, some intrepid soul will leap from the fray to fill this roster slot early, but owners have been burned by this […]

I recently hit the road for my annual NFL training camp road trip. During my visit to Latrobe, PA to check out the Steelers, I had the opportunity to catch up with second-year wideout Mike Wallace. He talked about his points of emphasis this off-season, his relationship with Hines Ward & touts himself as a […]

Now that the suspension has been handed down, there’s ample speculation about the possibility of Roethlisberger getting dealt during draft weekend or soon thereafter. They pulled the trigger on Santonio Holmes, a former Super Bowl MVP, so nobody’s untouchable. Who can make it happen? St. Louis is a no-go. The Rams are trying to fire […]