Early on Monday, I offered fantasy owners the opportunity for a rare interactive experience. No, we take plenty of calls, texts and Tweets throughout the week and on the Sunday morning FOX Sports Radio show. I posted the link to the “Fighting Chance Fantasy Mock Draft” in which I was scheduled to participate. The invite […]

Mike Harmon had a chance to chat with Tampa Bay rookie wide receiver Mike Williams during NFL Rookie Premiere festivities in Los Angeles at the end of May. Williams has been impressive during the preseason, thrusting him up the most recent WR rankings in the fantasy football world. Williams was wrapped up in an early […]

I’m not going to belabor the point and bring back the long-winded diatribes that I’ve offered in the past about Mike Williams’ issues with the NCAA and that horrible limbo he was placed into before finally getting drafted by the Lions. I know. He was still a top pick, got major bank and so on […]