The next week will be interesting if you watch Washington Nationals baseball. If you don’t follow it at all, then you should for the time being. It was reported on Tuesday afternoon that super prospect Stephen Strasburg would be recalled to the major league club in one week’s time. Strasburg pitched to a sub-3.00 ERA […]

You didn’t think it was going to just go along quickly without a blip or two, did you? On Thursday morning, Judge Reggie Walton declared a mistrial after prosecutors introduced information from Laurie Pettitte. It was a move cautioned against in pre-trial hearings, a move to play the games “electricity” or “telephone” (Andy told Laurie […]

What would you have done? By now, you’re well aware that Derek Jeter collected his 3,000th career hit on Saturday against the Rays. It was the second hit in Jeter’s 5-for-5 performance, a home run off of David Price launched in the third inning. The montages of Jeter’s milestone hits have no doubt been played […]

Unless you’ve abandoned Major League Baseball in search of the summer sun, vacations, and rest before the start of the NCAA and NFL seasons, you know that Derek Jeter is creeping to 3,000 hits. He’s a polarizing figure, of course, as “The Captain” of this New York ship. It just comes with the territory. Respect. […]

Mark Cuban, still basking in the glory of the Dallas Mavericks’ NBA Championship, joined TMZ Live to talk about the euphoria and the elephant in the room … Will he jump into the mix and buy the Dodgers if they’re put up for sale? Shawn Marion jumps into the fray as well. Mark Cuban on […]

Harmon relaunches “Inside The Swollen Dome.” In his first extended ranting session, he rambles on about the NBA Finals (and the LeBron sub-plot), NHL Final, myriad baseball topics (Carlos Zambrano) and the glorious entertainment world. Inside The Swollen Dome, Episode 1

I got nostalgic a little bit this morning and went to find a clip of legendary broadcaster Harry Caray singing a little 7th inning stretch. Instead, I found this gem in which Harry goes off on the makers of Cracker Jack and proposes a full investigation of false business practices. Yes, he’s salty about missing […]

I was set to begin the daily podcast that John Halpin & I do each day on BlogTalkRadio when news broke of Adam Wainwright’s elbow injury. Any thoughts of business as usual and trucking through the divisional overviews went to the wayside. Wainwright reportedly felt a tug in his elbow during Monday’s workout and was […]

Last week on “The Petros & Money Show” on FOX Sports Radio, Ned Colletti addressed a question about the status of negotiations with catcher Russell Martin. He discussed the negotiation process and spoke candidly about the divide between the team and Martin’s representation. Basically, given two years of injuries and slipping production, the Dodgers were […]

I woke up early this morning on the West Coast and started the normal routine. Flip a light, start making coffee and fire up the radio. In my half-awake state, I heard the final sentences of a topic on The Dan Patrick Show on FOX Sports Radio. I heard the words “Hall of Fame posthumously.” […]

The hype machines are being allowed to cool. There’s been so much hyperbole chucked out across the airwaves that we faced a spill of BP proportion. Seriously, the adjectives and statistical comparisons between Stephen Strasburg and (insert Hall of Fame pitcher here) have reached the point of inducing nausea. That’s right. I said it. I’ve […]

The hour is almost at hand. Fantasy owners are clamoring to the waiver wire in the hope that the next big thing will be wearing a Nationals cap. I remember the episode of The Simpsons where billboards, banners and commercials announced that “Gabbo Is Coming.” Who? What? Where? Well, it ended up being a smart-alleck […]

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I recently had a link forwarded to me that took me back to the sandlot. I was a crafty southpaw and slap hitter as a youngster, far earlier than anybody should have carried either of those tags. The decision was made that contact was better than the big fly, hence I didn’t make full use […]

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Hey everybody – I knew that the title would get your attention. There was an interesting article posted on the Freakonomics blog that took an interesting spin on the handling of pitching staffs. It’ll never fly, but it certain flips the script on what we’ve been watching all our lives. It’s a good read over […]

Good evening, all – I’m shuffling off for the weekend to attend to family business. On my return, I will be diving head-first into the offseason activity in the NFL. I’ll examine the free agency moves – good, bad and confusing and circling back to the trade that sent Donovan McNabb to Washington and thrust […]