The sound of the whistle reverberates across the wide-open field. You hear the grunts, the crashing of pads, the unmistakable sound of a blocking sled and, depending on where you travel, some music. NFL training camps opened across college campuses (and now a number of team facilities) this week. The countdown until your league’s fantasy […]

We vowed “not to get Shanahaned” again – you have an hour to shift Helu out of your lineups as he’s been DEACTIVATED. Evan Royster gets the nod in the backfield. I’m rolling up “Sexy Rexy” as a QB1 option. Running Back 33 1 Arian Foster 34 2 Ray Rice 35 3 LeSean McCoy 36 […]

The turnover continues in Philadelphia. It is truly a new Eagles team that you’ll be witnessing come 2010. Many of your veteran heroes are gone. This is a new-look squad for Andy Reid … and Kevin Kolb becomes “The Man.” … Or does he? Seriously, I re-typed that title like 15 times before it sank […]