The long-anticipated new Metallica album Hardwired To Self-Destruct finally hits stores on Friday, November 18th. The band has been releasing music videos throughout the year, all of which can been seen at The latest, “Confusion,” features a soldier grappling with war and civilian life. Check it out below.


I always say that the world could use a little more Bootsy Collins. As I ponder suit choices for Super Bowl coverage in New York, I can’t help but thing that one of these numbers would bring down the house. Listen to Bootsy’s tribute to Peyton Manning.

She’s tied to sports, what with her new NBA husband and star brother-in-law. So, in the spirit of bringing you the best of sports and entertainment, here is this … OK, so this isn’t exactly the best in terms of music. Let’s call it what it is … it’s inspirational.