You know that I love the investing angle of every conversation and following the flow of cash. Well, the early odds are in for the big chair at “Late Night” at CBS, one day after David Letterman announced his departure. Letterman said that his last show would occur sometime during 2015. Of course, the speculative […]


I saw a note early this morning that voiceover legend Hal Douglas had died at the age of 89. Like many people, I’m showing up on time at the movies in order to take in all previews, and he and Don LaFontaine (who died in 2008) were the main voices introducing upcoming film productions. Douglas […]

On Friday morning, I started a short staycation with a trip to the local multiplex. I wasn’t going to cast my vote on the werewolf/vampire debate. I’m creating my own hybrid and have started to recruit my own followers. More on that supernatural turn inside the Dome to come. I’m going to veer off of […]