Baseball 200

Prior to Sunday’s opener, I posted updated positional rankings on the website. We had great success in the 2012 season on the Dome, producing a top-10 finish (seventh) in the draft cheatsheet competition on the site.

Injuries dominate the early-2013 landscape, as owners try to ascertain how much to discount injured stars such as Hanley Ramirez, Brett Lawrie, Mark Teixeira and a host of others. One thing is certain. After that first level of starting pitchers that are breaking the proverbial bank (Verlander got paid, and Clayton Kershaw’s management is dancing), there is incredible depth at the position.

Which young players break through in 2013? How many teams make a charge at 100 losses? Does Mike Trout take a step back? There are one million questions as we get the first full day of action underway. I can’t wait to watch as the answers start to come back at us.


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