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The time has come for the next round of dominance in fantasyland. Remember, you’ve got several teams OFF this week. The Bears, Saints, Panthers and Jaguars take a seat to watch the festivities. Who do you replace Brees or MJD with this week? Are you running with Vick … Ballard, the new starter in Indianapolis? […]

1. Adrian Peterson, MIN at CHI 2. Ray Rice, BAL vs. HOU 3. Darren McFadden, OAK vs. CLE 4. Matt Forte, CHI vs. MIN 5. Arian Foster, HOU at BAL 6. Fred Jackson, BUF at NYG 7. Michael Turner, ATL vs. CAR 8. LeSean McCoy at WAS 9. Peyton Hillis, CLE at OAK 10. Frank […]