This moment from the Nebraska Spring Game wipes away, if only temporarily, the negativity of the 24-hour news cycle. We talked all week about “coaching” dismissals, questioned decisions of a few universities in their coaching hiring process, debated the marketing of athletes (Louisville and Kevin Ware) and healthy scratches of NBA players. The Rutgers situation […]

What else can you say? It what appeared to be a difficult spot against the heretofore strong Minnesota run defense, rookie Doug Martin dominated. You know the reference from the title of this blog, right? Yeah, it’s yet another Harmon ode to Beverly Hills 90210. Anyway, Martin followed up LaRod Stephen-Howling’s surprise 100-yard effort in […]

The ending of this game ranks among the worst-officiated you’ll ever see. Brownlee intercepts a pass on the heave into the frontcourt. That’s fine. He then travels, steps out of bounds and chucks the ball into the seats. All of it happened with time left on the clock. As the ESPN analysts point out, there’s […]