On Friday, the “Petros & Money” show on FOX Sports Radio welcomed Gary Barnett, former coach at Northwestern & Colorado, for his weekly visit. Coach Barnett discusses the ins and out of the coaching profession to provide a backdrop for the ongoing investigation. You can hear the emotion in his voice as he speaks about […]

Los Angeles has been the sports capital in recent months, but certainly not for anything positive. I take that back. Who would have ever expected that the pride of Los Angeles would be wearing a Clippers jersey? The Lakers were dumped from the playoffs unceremoniously by the Mavericks and went out with several cheapshots from […]

To call the current climate surrounding the Los Angeles Dodgers tense and confrontational would be gross understatements. Major League Baseball has stepped into the day-to-day operations and a number of payroll transactions and top-level decisions are being put under the proverbial microscope. On Tuesday afternoon, Los Angeles owner Frank McCourt sat down in the hot […]