On Tuesday, the media horde descended upon the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the annual madness that is Media Day. Hundreds of media members from television, radio and print outlets revved up the microphones and video cameras to interview the participants of Super Bowl XLVII. Of course, there are always media members in costumes and outrageous outfits […]

Say what you will about Chad Ochocinco. Call him brazen, brash, bold, cocky or any of 1,000 descriptors. You cannot deny that the man is entertaining and, ultimately, good for business in the NFL. His mouth gets him in trouble at times, but he’s yet to appear in the blotter other than his fines from […]

As expected, media day came and went with nary a blip on the sports landscape. A collective yawn could have emanated from the group of players as the same questions were asked … and asked … and asked ad nausea. Sure, there were a few oddball questions, a minor security skirmish and more references to […]