You could almost hear the record needle scratch. ‘ On Sunday morning’s edition of “The FOX Fantasy Freaks” radio show, I introduced the topic of Tim Tebow’s forthcoming appearance at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, a mega-church run by the controversial Dr. Robert Jeffress. At the time I raised the topic, I questioned the […]

QBs 1. RG III – How can I look past his dominance? He posted 320 passing yards, including the 88-yard catch and sprint (YAC!!!!) from Pierre Garcon, with two touchdowns and 42 rushing yards. 2. Matt Ryan – He positively crushed it against the Falcons. Expectations were sky-high for the Atlanta offense, and Ryan delivered […]

Locked and loaded for the start of the 2011 NFL season …. on-air until noon ET with Nate Lundy & Peter Burns and then yelling to you from the rooftops throughout the day.

Following a week of travel, Harmon returns to his safe haven … the booth in Sherman Oaks from which he spouts out football madness. Join Harmon, Peter Burns and Nate Lundy for two hours of Fantasy Football chatter on FOX Sports Radio ( listen here ) through your local affiliate, XM 169 or ———————— […]

Join the “FOX Fantasy Freaks” on FOX Sports Radio to discuss all things NFL at 6a PT/9a PT. Two hours of NFL talk, more like arguments, about the news from camp around the league. Mike Harmon of and teams with Peter Burns and Nate Lundy of 104.3 The Fan in Denver to get […]

Join Harmon, Peter Burns and Nate Lundy for two hours of stimulating sports talk to get your Father’s Day rolling. FOX Sports Radio Here’s your random Father songs of the day. Step back for a minute and watch the U.S. Open, have a catch, watch some baseball or a few minutes of Scooby Doo or […]

Mike Harmon, Nate Lundy & Peter Burns – Your “Fantasy Freaks” — roll up their wide receiver rankings as the heart of the draft season approaches. Disagree? Let the boys hear on Twitter @swollendome or @fantasyfreaks