Harmon runs down the top tight end options for Week 1 of the NFL season. Jermichael Finley and Jimmy Graham have been extracted from the listing. ** Chris Cooley has also been removed from the listing. He was limited in practice all week and may be held out. Fred Davis takes a lofty No. 13 […]

We know that the weekly injury report reads like the Encyclopedia Britannica by the end of Week 6. The number of injuries affecting top-tier receiving targets grew by at least three on Sunday. We’ll receive complete information later this week once the test results come back. For now, add Gates, Cooley and Jackson to the […]

The turnover continues in Philadelphia. It is truly a new Eagles team that you’ll be witnessing come 2010. Many of your veteran heroes are gone. This is a new-look squad for Andy Reid … and Kevin Kolb becomes “The Man.” … Or does he? Seriously, I re-typed that title like 15 times before it sank […]