It’s been a wild couple of weeks, and I’ve thankfully held my own. The record is 16-16 ATS with a 24-8 log straight up. This week, we have a number of home underdogs and point spreads on both ends of the spectrum. Anybody rolling Seattle giving nearly three touchdowns? Can Trent Richardson’s acquisition help fuel […]

Let’s get it on. It’s another beautiful Sunday in the National Football League. Buffalo at Kansas City (- 7): Buffalo Carolina at St. Louis (- 3): Carolina Denver at San Francisco (London) (-2): Denver Washington at Detroit (- 3): Detroit Green Bay at New York Jets (- 6): Green Bay Miami at Cincinnati (- 1): […]

Four teams take a seat this week: Minnesota, Dallas, Kansas City and Tampa Bay Let’s not waste any time – let’s get after it. Detroit at Green Bay (-14): Detroit Denver at Tennessee (-6 ½) : Tennessee Cincinnati at Cleveland (+3): Cleveland Carolina at New Orleans (- 13): Carolina Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-2 1/2) : […]