July 8, 2013

ESPN OTL: “Carry On”


It’s easy to be cynical given the seemingly unending flow of sad, sobering news and information received through our phones, televisions and social media outlets. I regularly read the newspapers of my hometown of Chicago, and many headlines refer to the litany of shootings in the city at large.

So, it’s always a welcome sight when a positive story hits the airwaves. That isn’t to say that those uplifting stories aren’t there and don’t greatly outnumber the negative. Let’s face it. Negativity, chaos and destruction sells.


This story from ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” shows you the best of people, as an ESPN producer covering a story had her life changed.

“But what I found on the wrestling mats at Cleveland’s Lincoln-West High School in 2009 caused my spirit to sink and soar, all in the same moment.”

Watch the clip. It’ll get your Monday started on a better note.