Last week, we saw the photographs of a kayaker being stalked by a great white shark off Cape Cod. The image made headlines all over the United States and refueled the summer fascination with the perfect predator.

By now, everyone’s seen the video of the bull shark leaping up and ripping a fish off of a woman’s line as she reeled it in. You won’t get a better reaction to any event this weekend … unless you’re at Comic-Con in San Diego.

On Monday night, another shark encounter occurred just south of Los Angeles International Airport in the tourist destination of Manhattan Beach (Google it. You’ll want to visit.).

A fisherman hooked a young great white and was trying to reel it in when he was stopped by one of the directors of the Manhattan Beach Roundhouse Aquarium, Eric Martin. Martin tried to explain the delicate, not to mention legal, implications of pulling the shark from the water. As a protected species, the fisherman was looking at jail time if he landed the great white. Ultimately, after trying to make the fisherman understand through a translator, Martin cut the line and cost the man his trophy. Happily, the two parted without incident.

He’ll always have the tale of the one that got away. (AKA: Dude Stole My Shark)