Given that I reside in Los Angeles, I’ve been inundated with news reports about Manny Ramirez’s future for weeks. Would he get dealt to my hometown White Sox? Would he get released? What would happen to the warehouse full of wigs that folks spent $25 a pop for (seriously!) at the team’s spring training complex and at Dodger Stadium?

Well, things finally got settled early this week when the waiver process was completed and Ramirez headed to Cleveland to join his new team. I shan’t even begin to discuss Ramirez’s sudden aversion to the English language or the whole barber thing.

Ramirez’s presence hasn’t been measured in the batter’s box yet, but he’s certainly doing something to impact opposing hurlers. Hence, “The Aura, Essence or Shadow” is this week’s “Fantasy Man-Crush” winner. Ramirez came out to pinch-hit in his first appearance for the Sox and watched catcher A.J. Pierzynski slam a three-run home run that would prove to be the game-winner. On Wednesday, Ramirez was in the on-deck circle in the eighth inning when first baseman Paul Konerko crushed a three-run home run to put the White Sox ahead.

The Sox agreed to pay him nearly $4 for the stretch run. He hasn’t done much in the box score, but White Sox fans will take the victories, however they come.

If this “Shadow Man” starts hitting, the wigs will fly off shelves on the South Side.