David Price inked a deal with Steiner Sports to sign autographed photos and balls in connection with the DJ/3K campaign. Price was the unfortunate victim who served up hit number 3,000 to Derek Jeter and began the whole Christian Lopez debacle. He’s decided to make some lemonade and beef up the 401K by autographing photos […]

Jeter, batting out of the leadoff spot, homered in his second at-bat against David Price to reach the hallowed milestone. Jeter singled in the first inning to notch hit 2,999 and wasted no time getting to the finish line. It was his third home run of the season. Now, there had obviously been a lot […]

The White Sox welcomed the Tampa Bay Rays to open the 2011 home slate. Under a cloudy sky and with temperatures dipping into the 40s, the Rays sought to shake off a miserable start to the season against former Tampa starter, Edwin Jackson. The venue change didn’t help. Jackson obliterated the Rays on Thursday afternoon, […]