From my early introduction to sports, I was made aware of the loud and abrasive commentary that would be hurled in the direction of referees and officials. For the most part, the derisive chatter was what my now-aged self would consider PG-rated barbs. Sometimes, an intoxicated patron would raise the bar and wish bodily harm on the officials, but it was normally just rambling.

I sometimes threw myself into the middle of such activity through my collegiate years, much to the chagrin of my family. But for all of the anger and hand-wringing about missed calls and human error, I could never believe that things would escalate to physical violence.

We’ve chronicled incidents involving referees in global soccer matches through the years, but the headline for this particular story left me speechless. I re-read it and clicked the link with great trepidation, fearful of the account to be read therein. To break the event down to its base, a referee stabbed a player during an argument (the player later died). The player’s friends and families then did unspeakable things to the referee, exacting revenge and vengeance to put the most twisted Hollywood mind to shame. You can read the full story at Deadspin.com.