November 4, 2010

Prop 84: Tennessee Claims Moss

After a 24-hour period rife with rumor, conjecture and speculation about his prospective whereabouts, Randy Moss is reporting to Tennessee as a member of the Titans. There were a number of teams where things seemed to be place for a claim and others where the “fit” wasn’t quite right. In the end, only the Titans voted for “Prop 84” and rolled the dice on the mercurial wideout.

I theorized in a previous post about the Titans as a potential destination. In that post, I speculated about the extent of Kenny Britt’s hamstring. We now know that Britt may be sidelined for up to 6-8 weeks because of a hamstring injury. And, when you look at the Titans’ second-half schedule, the claim makes even more sense. Five of the Titans’ final eight games are within the AFC South – two games against Indianapolis, two games against Houston and one against Jacksonville.

What’s it all mean?

Chris Johnson is smiling, as he’ll certainly benefit from Moss’ arrival. There won’t be as many 8-man fronts for the duration of the season.

Nate Washington slides onto the radar for WR3 consideration, as he’s the most likely to fill the quasi-Harvin role in the Tennessee offense. Bo Scaife also sees more quality targets over the middle.

Ultimately, Vince Young pops back onto the fantasy radar for the post-Bye world as well.

In theory, it’s a good spot for Moss & a solid eight-week investment for Fisher and the Titans. Moss joins a playoff contender with an explosive tailback and quarterback with an arm (wait … that sounds familiar …).

We’ve got 10 days to pontificate and dissect the move until the Titans return to the field. In the interim, the spotlight is pretty hot in Minnesota.