April 28, 2011

With the First Pick ….

I wanted a little bit of drama … I didn’t get it. The coverage kicked off with images of a relieved Heisman Trophy winner getting off of the phone and smiling widely.

Roger Goodell was roundly booed as he strode out onto the stage. He smiled and said “let’s get back to football,” and at least got some of the crowd back in his corner.

New coach Ron Rivera snags an athletic, albeit raw, quarterback to build his squad around. He comes out of the spread offense and will need to leave the “run-first” thoughts in his rearview mirror. Newton’s athleticism and arm strength cannot be denied.

Newton has already experienced his share of adversity and negativity. He weathered the storm and went on to a national title and a Heisman Trophy. So, we know that he can focus with an eye on the prize. Newton’s “want” to succeed has been questioned. I’m not buying that.

The crowd in attendance at Radio City Music Hall didn’t like it. Get over it.

Newton can get his playbook tomorrow and get to work.

Denver is on the clock.