I didn’t sleep well last night. Perhaps it was the gallon of glorious coffee coarsing through my veins (sponsors are welcome to inquire) or perhaps it was some of the football that I viewed on Sunday. There were some fabulous moments along the way, but there was seemingly some ugliness at every turn.

Any football fan or fantasy owner (save those supporting the Giants, of course) were left with mouths agape after viewing the Sunday night performance. If you hit the “spirits” hard during the morning/afternoon games, you probably wondered aloud whether the Giants were playing with 15 men.

A dazed and confused Jay Cutler, who absorbed hit after hit before leaving with a concussion, probably wondered the same thing.

It was one of the more painful viewing experiences of recent memory. Fans of the San Francisco 49ers can jump in here, too.

We must have memories of cornerbacks and move on to Week 5. There must be better football ahead, right?

Mike Tice doesn’t have that luxury. He’s going to need to be a miracle worker to patch that line and keep Cutler (more information pending), Todd Collins or Caleb Hanie upright.