January 29, 2014

View From The Row

Greetings, Everyone –

It’s been a wild and hectic week here in New York City as we prepare for the power and glory of Super Bowl XLVIII. I’ve been caught up in the spectacle, the pageantry, the mania of Super Bowl week in New York City (I know New Jersey’s the site for the game, but I’m physically in New York as I write this). The Media Day gets bigger and more confusing every year, as the number of people dressed as superheroes or asking for dates/marriages swells. Lost amid the scores of strange questions were some insightful and funny quips from players.

And, people will continue to bemoan the existence of Media Day. But, they’ll go. They’ll continue to hunt the “White Whale,” the transcendent sound byte, while bashing the entertainment component of the event. The NFL is all over the nightly entertainment shows, newscasts and the blogosphere. It’s not going away.

I’ll be back to my frequent ramblings in the Dome as the weekend approaches. For now, I’m hunkered down on Radio Row, grabbing sound, telling stories and setting the scene across the FOX Sports Radio network. And, I’ll be dialed in to the evening events and giving you a view from the parties.

– Harmon