The turnover continues in Philadelphia. It is truly a new Eagles team that you’ll be witnessing come 2010. Many of your veteran heroes are gone. This is a new-look squad for Andy Reid … and Kevin Kolb becomes “The Man.” … Or does he?

Seriously, I re-typed that title like 15 times before it sank in — and still the question mark seems appropriate.

I’d told everyone who would listen that I had no belief in those Oakland rumors. Regardless of whatever tag you might put on Mr. Davis, he’d already “invested” enough in his quarterback position to make the move. And, frankly, McNabb tossed out his own “no chance” comments late last week.

Now, it just seemed like something crazy was going to have to happen to move the veteran quarterback. I’d joked about the prospect of Daniel Snyder throwing a big trade value out there to friends in conversations. I believe I used the term “crazy-ass speculation …” — But, the in-division trade seemed to be nothing but a whimsical notion. And then, the line crept through on my mobile phone and left me scratching my head.

Second-round pick in 2010 and a 3rd or 4th in 2011.

It seems like a reasonable value for a quarterback in the final year of his deal. He’s missed some time (17 games in the past four years) and carries a big cost. As a result, few teams were realistic trading partners.

Enter Snyder and his deal. The Eagles needed to make a decision with Kolb and Michael Vick in the fold. Kolb showed us something in his brief run under center and Vick remains one of the game’s great question marks coming into year two of his return.

Kolb clearly has many weapons at his disposal, and I’ll bust out a full 1,000-world tribute to him in this venue soon enough. I’m doing my initial first to toss him in the back-end starter or very early No. 2 QB option.

As for McNabb, we’ve seen the Redskins fortify the running game by bringing on Larry Johnson and Willie Parker to complement Clinton Portis. Mike Shanahan has reclaimed the title of “The Devil” already, long before the first snap of mini-camps. Welcome to hell, fantasy owners.

Now, as much as you may like McNabb in and of himself, you basically are looking at two true receiving options and a lot of questions. Oh, and one of those receiving options, Chris Cooley, is coming back from a devastating injury — we’ll anxiously await his thoughts on his blog (I’ll be sure to link). Santana Moss is 30, but coming off of a 70-catch, 900-yard season (he’s note quite done yet).

You’re also still looking for the Redskins to fortify the offensive line, something that now leaps to the forefront of the draft strategy with the quarterback position built out (Rex Grossman was signed, and we’ll see what happens with Jason Campbell come draft-day …).

Jimmy Clausen is scheduled for a visit, but he doesn’t seem like a fit now unless one of the backups gets moved. Even then, wouldn’t you take the O-tackle to protect your investment in McNabb and try to make a run this year. Forget about the long-term with Shanahan at the helm. A move to bring McNabb in suggests that you think you can compete now — and let’s not make any mistake about it. They lost seven of their 12 games last year by six or fewer points. Is McNabb worth three points?

Perhaps from a W-L perspective – and we’ll tackle the real and fantasy worlds here on The Dome. From a fantasy perspective, I would expect the Redskins to rely on the ground game and exploit the three-headed monster currently residing in the backfield (sorry, folks). For now, McNabb probably takes a dive outside of the top 12 pending a demonstrated comfort zone with the young receivers (what about TO? Maybe not), but it’s not a precipitous fall.

We’ll begin breaking down teams here in written and podcast form in short order. Look for a bevy of guests and regular yelling by me, the “Freaks” and our friends from around the league.

Get it on.

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