On Sunday morning, Peter Burns and I will be welcoming you into the new year with our guns blazing. Get your Bloody Mary made or add a little something to your morning coffee and raise a glass to the year that was 2011.

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If you are still vying for a fantasy title, playing out a total points league or just want some keeper love, we’ll get you what you need.

But, we’re also going to look back on this season. We want your input on the “2011 Fantasy Freaks Awards” for this week.

If you have a category suggestion or nominees, please drop a line here, hit the Twitter accounts (@peterburnsradio, @swollendome and @fantasyfreaks), log in to Facebook or drop an email at swollendomepr@gmail.com.

At a minimum, we’re looking at:

  • MVPs (non-obvious or top-5 guys): So, don’t clutter up my inbox with Brees, Rodgers, Foster, etc.
  • JaMarcus Russell Award (worst based on draft selection point and expectations): Can we get past Chris Johnson and dig deeper?
  • “Ninja” of the year: Low-round draft pick dartboard selection
  • Waiver wire pickup of the year:
  • The player I will never draft again:
  • Our version of the “Madden Curse” — If I had the No. 1 pick in 2012, I would take:
  • The Mariah Carey “Getting back to my old self” Award:
  • The Madonna “I was relevant once” award:

That ought to get the juices flowing. Hit your movie and CD racks. Pile on quotes, characters and scenes to get us rolling. I promise we won’t let you down.