On Wednesday, another lottery will be conducted. NFL teams will place their ballots in the voting box.

It’s a quick agenda: YES or NO on Proposition 84

As the whole sporting world knows, Brad Childress informed his team on Monday that Randy Moss wouldn’t be rejoining the squad for prep work in advance of the Week 9 Cleveland game. I have a little rant for the situation as a whole, but I’ll give you the punch line here to end your Halloween week. How are Frankenstein and Brad Childress alike? You can stop them only through FIRE.

Thirty-one teams are now contemplating whether to put in a claim for Moss (Shawne Merriman is also subject to the process, but he’s flying under the radar — Ravens?). San Francisco and Baltimore are reportedly out of the mix. Raheem Morris told Dan Patrick that he likes the youth and attitude of his team, essentially saying “No” without saying it.
Complimentary of Moss while hyping his young receivers.

There are a number of mighty interesting potential destinations, but what about the F word? I’m talking “Fit,” of course.

Let’s review a few of the possible destinations.

1. Buffalo – Several near-misses in a winless season & could allow them to play the “spoiler” role in AFC East. OK, it’s a reach, but the fearless Ryan Fitzpatrick would be entertaining to watch and Lee Evans could steal a headline.
2. Carolina – Doesn’t strike me as a John Fox guy.
3. Dallas – Never count Jerry Jones out. That would be mighty interesting.
4. Denver – It’s been a miserable start for the Broncos, but the division is a mess. Buying on the Raiders? I’ll get there in a minute. Moss would have a week to get into the mix before the Broncos’ next game.
5. Detroit – Youth movement under Stafford w/ Megatron. Can’t see that happening w/ youthful core.
6. Minnesota – They need a deep threat to open things up for Percy Harvin underneath …. oh, wait. Sidney Rice is still a few weeks away.
7. Cincinnati – It would be entertaining. Carson Palmer’s head might explode.
8. Cleveland – Can’t see Mangini/Holmgren getting in there.
9. San Diego – He’d be an interesting fit down South as Norv Turner tries to make the second-half rise again. VJax is coming back in Week 12. Gates is dominating, but the other receivers are all hurt. San Diego Bye still coming, so would have another week to integrate for the stretch run.
10. Arizona – Larry Fitzgerald would celebrate the arrival on some level, but if Moss isn’t catching ball dropping near his feet, he’s not shagging down Derek Anderson throws in the stands.
11. Jacksonville – Don’t have a feel either way here. Jack Del Rio could use another playmaker. At 4-4, they’re not dead yet. Week 9 Bye gives the extra week to get installed along MSW and Thomas.
12. St. Louis – The NFC West is there for the taking, but I don’t believe that he fits Steve Spagnuolo’s unit. Of course, Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson wouldn’t mind a field-stretcher coming onboard.
13. Oakland – Like with Jerry Jones, there’s no telling what is on Al Davis’ mind. The Raiders are contending in the AFC West (yes – I wrote that). Not exactly a Jason Campbell-type receiver, but Al loves to throw a monkey wrench in things.
14. Washington – Would be the answer to some of the issues in the passing game, but since he’s not O-Lineman, certainly isn’t a cure-all. Also, Shanahan not exactly supporting veteran players and questioning “effort” a lot.
15. Seattle – Moss and Mike Williams running opposite one another would be fun to watch. Would retard the growth of the young receivers (Butler and Tate), but potentially opens more opportunities for Carlson and the running game. Also, it’s the NFC West …
16. Chicago – Get a couple guys on a plane and …
Like with Washington, he can’t fix the O-Line, but gives Cutler a true deep option and puts the other CHI receivers back into secondary roles – where they should excel. I like Knox working against second cornerbacks. This could jumpstart a scuffling Chicago offense.
17. Miami – Block AFC East rivals. Give Henne another option. Open things up for Marshall and allow Bess to roam free in the secondary. It’s a win. What would Parcells say if he hadn’t cleared out his office?
18. Philadelphia – Youth movement underway in Philly. Not shifting back to add veteran.
19. Houston – Interesting potential, but not a “feel.”
20. Green Bay – Doesn’t feel right, but the injury to Driver still an issue. Even with all injuries, Packers still in the hunt for NFC crown.
21. New Orleans – Not enough balls to go around. Don’t see Brees lobbying.
22. Tennessee – Jeff Fisher essentially ruled it out Wednesday morning, but you never can tell.
23. Kansas City – Familiarity with the system, coordinator and quarterback. Division up for grabs and the complement to Bowe that currently doesn’t exist (Chambers reportedly healthy scratch the last couple weeks).
24. New York Giants – He’d be fun to watch with Coughlin. Ain’t happening.
25. Atlanta – Jenkins is solid No. 2, but not enough to deflect attention from White. Moss would be mighty intriguing to watch opposite Roddy White. All talk of character, “good guys” and such makes this tough.
26. New York Jets – Load ‘em up. It’s Dallas or bust. The chalkboard for Professor Moss’ lecture is already set up, and the Tollhouse cookies are in the oven. The buses are already warmed up.
27. Indianapolis – Given injuries to this offense, would be interesting. Strong leadership – could work short-term.
28. Pittsburgh – Not a chance.
29. New England – Wouldn’t it just be fitting to see Moss back with Belichick? Belichick gets the 3rd-round pick, more experience for Tate & Wes Welker owners would pop champagne.

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