Buffalo fans suffered through a terribly frustrating 2009 season. Terrell Owens came into town and brought a lot of attention to the squad initially, but the passing game never clicked and his single season with the Bills will be an afterthought to a great career. (He’s not done yet, but you’re not remembering this season for anything other than the reality show.)

Those hopeful Bills fans were eager to see what the 2010 NFL Draft would bring. They woke up early to get through a full day of work in order to be settled in front of a television at home or a local watering hole to help the team unwrap its latest presents.

You know that look you had when you received something functional (I don’t know – you fill in the blank) instead of a shiny, new gadget? Well, Bills fans expected the announcement that the trade had been picked or that a quarterback had been drafted. Jimmy Clausen was still there (I’ll get into his world in a future blog), but the team turned to game-changer C.J. Spiller, one of the most explosive players on the board.

It took a minute to sink in, as many had already penciled Spiller into the No. 10 slot for Jacksonville (why? I’m still not sure, but I digress).

Spiller offers the Bills a home run threat in the backfield, a player who can go from zero to end zone in grand fashion. The thing is, Spiller joins an already crowded backfield with Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, and that big, glaring need under center is still there. I know that Brian Brohm is there with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Trent Edwards, and I suppose that this move spoke volumes of what the coaching staff believes.

Still, how about grabbing some help for whichever quarterback is under center? Lee Evans remains on an island unless there’s huge belief in James Hardy or Shawn Nelson …

Don’t get me wrong. I love Spiller’s talent, and he’ll be fun to watch in his 6-8 touches per game. However, temper those expectations for a monster impact unless Marshawn Lynch is moved. Until then, ratchet up the Buffalo D/ST a couple notches.

More draft thoughts to come throughout the remainder of the week.