Saturday was a terrible day for many NFL players, as cut-down day translated to numerous broken dreams. The start of the free agency period starting with a bang, and Saturday’s red-lining came just as quickly.

Lost in the notes about released players was a note about Jacksonville backup Rashad Jennings. Jennings was expected to serve as the handcuff to Maurice Jones-Drew (coming off of knee surgery) and potentially as a runner who would vulture a double-digit touch count each week. Instead, Jennings was placed on injured reserve because of an injured knee. No details have been provided as of this writing, but it’s believed that Jennings tore an ACL or patellar tendon.

Deji Karim, a second-year back out of Southern Illinois (high school teammate of Sam Bradford’s), stands 5-foot-8 and weights 180 pounds. He’s hardly a dramatic contrast to Drew. Karim is the handcuff is you decided to back up an early selection of Jones-Drew, a late-round lottery ticket and little more at this point.