I have been a collector of sports memorabilia since I was a boy. I used to collect and trade sports cards and chase down autographs at the ballpark. I have owned various autographed baseballs, footballs, hockey sticks, pucks, mini-helmets, jerseys, schedules, yearbooks, programs and every type of Game-Used card known to man.

I have never bought food. Earlier this week, a former McDonald’s owner in North Dakota reportedly received $10,000 for a bottle of McJordan Barbeque Sauce. The memory of such a promotion in Chicago is hazy, as “The McJordan” wasn’t on my menu. I don’t doubt it, though. You remember the Saturday Night Live skit. Shilling for McDonald’s is no stretch.

So, the collector, reportedly from Chicago, now has a 20-year-old jug of long-expired sauce. Why do I get the feeling that an office involving the rapid consumption of said sauce is in the offing?

You paid what?