I’ll ramble on this more in tomorrow’s edition of the “Fantasy 15” with John Halpin on BlogTalkRadio.com.

But, for now, let me say that Michael Vick’s embrace of Donovan McNabb clearly included a giddy “thank you … thank you … thank you!” Before fans had even gotten back from the fridge or cracked open a beverage, Vick and DeSean Jackson connected on an 88-yard touchdown. It only got worse for the Redskins after that.

The Redskins found a solid running back in Keiland Williams after Ryan Torain was a late scratch and Donovan McNabb posted a solid point total in garbage time. You know … the last three quarters of the game!

Alas, Brent Celek didn’t get into the mix and Kevin Kolb was cold and wet before he finally got into the game late.

By then, Vick had topped 300 passing yards and piled up a total of SIX touchdowns (four passing and two rushing). It was like watching a video game.

Forget about the ridiculous “warrior” references and such. What was Donovan McNabb going to do, beg off the field in that thing before the ink dried on his contract extension? Yes, he took the criticism and heat of the past two weeks and shrugged it off. He got back under center, blinked and watched the game get out of hand as early failures and turnovers mounted, including an interception he threw that was returned for a touchdown.

In the end, it was Vick’s time to shine on the big stage and to open the auction for his services following the 2010 season. Remember the calculations about the money lost during his trial and prison term? If he finishes the season well, his bank accounts will be overflowing once again.

As they say, speed kills. And McNabb’s Redskins were run over by a sharper, faster, deeper and more explosive unit.

Maybe Vick should thank him again.