I remember having a friend text me about a segment produced on the ESPN “E60” show in late-2011. It chronicled the career and struggles of Scott Hall, known as “Razor Ramon” in the WWF (now WWE) and part of the nWo with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash.

Naturally, the success of the movie “The Wrestler” and the frighteningly long list of deaths of the squared-circle heroes of my youth, sent me to review the piece. Many sports fans still hold that special memory of “sports entertainment.” You see the highs and lows of Hall’s career, including an interview and footage of his health struggles. Watch Scott Hall on E60 .

And then, via the power of social media (I saw it on Twitter) came the campaign to provide support to Hall. His friends, “Diamond” Dallas Page and Jake “The Snake” Roberts are leading the charge, including the “Accountability Crib” to get Hall sober and to pay for a hip replacement surgery. Fans can get phone calls, t-shirts and other perks in exchange for a donation to the cause.

The fans spoke loudly and responded in huge fashion for Hall, fully funding the treatment project on Indiegogo.com with more than two weeks remaining.

You can check out the video about the program and find out how you can contribute here.