Rabid fantasy players who have ventured into the college game eagerly awaited National Signing Day. It was a nice break from the nothingness of NFL Media Day and the umpteenth breakdown of Dwight Freeney’s style and his injury. Did we really expect to learn anything new? Of course, we did see the next evolution of the “Ocho Cinco News Network” with Chris Cooley, Ray Rice and Darnell Dockett getting into the mix.

Signing day didn’t reveal too many surprises. The usual suspects ranked among the top performers and inked the best classes. The SEC was well-represented, and Urban Meyer’s health concerns didn’t derail the Gators, who remain ranked at No. 1. Notre Dame was on the radar for Brian Kelley, and USC still hovered around the top 10 because of the efforts of Pete Carroll before his departure. Lane Kiffin is known as a tireless recruiter, so his arrival helped dissuade recruits from shifting gears.

I’ll be ready to get it on once I get back from this long trek to Miami. I will be breaking down the classes to start the ball rolling on NCAA 2010. It’s never too early. So, celebrate your new recruits. It’s time for everyone to get back to work soon enough.