April 17, 2013

FMC: Boston Responders

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Last night, I sat quietly to review the day’s activities, catch up on the latest news from Boston and to find some peace. I found several reasons to go upstairs to my office (the forgotten notepad, Sharpie, headphones, etc.), a path that forced me past my sleeping children. Both were sound asleep with, maybe just in my hopeful mind’s eye, slight smiles on their faces. Perhaps their dreams were filled with visions of superheroes and people “doing good.” OK, it was probably a pastel-colored world with unicorns, friendly dinosaurs and tiaras.

I’ll take it.

They can do without the shocking images, videos and accounts we witnessed in the aftermath of the explosions in Boston. They will learn of the evils and problems of the world soon enough. They recognize that mom and dad, their teachers, police, fire and military personnel work to keep them safe. “Fear” is a word reserved for “Can I sit on your lap?” moments in movies and the occasional Scooby-Doo episode that strikes a nerve.

Traveling in this line of work can lead to or reinforce a cynical world view. But, sitting at the heart of these events is our collective search for new heroes, thrilling performances and the unique sense of community that sports provide. The hope and anticipation cracks through the skepticism.

On the whole, we do a fine job reminding our children about the people whose job it is to help. The people in uniforms are easily identified. And, we saw them in full force through the powerful images of first responders.

Monday’s events in Boston served as a reminder that I need to reinforce to my children (and myself) that “the heroes, “the helpers” and “the good” are all around us … and that we need to don our capes when called upon as well.

I wish you peace.