The first game of the 2013 Major League Baseball season was played on Sunday night. Everyone’s favorite punching bag, the Houston Astros, defeated the Texas Rangers by a count of 8-2. The number of “take a picture of the standings” Tweets that I read was positively astounding. Those Tweets were immediately followed by a barrage of “Magic Number: 62” notes. Many pundits view the Astros’ low payroll and move to the competitive AL West as reasons for a likely “road to 100 (losses).”

I thought I’d pull back for a moment to fire off divisional predictions and throw my darts at the Fall Classic. My World Series prediction looks a bit different than most you’ll discover as you traverse the internet.

AL West : Los Angeles Angels
AL Central : Detroit Tigers
AL East : Tampa Bay Rays
Wild Card 1: Toronto Blue Jays
Wild Card 2: Texas Rangers

NL West : San Francisco Giants
NL Central : Cincinnati Reds
NL East : Philadelphia Phillies
Wild Card 1 : Los Angeles Dodgers
Wild Card 2 : St. Louis Cardinals

World Series : Cincinnati Reds over Tampa Bay Rays