I Tweeted this early on Wednesday, but now that I have a minute, I thought I’d go beyond the 140-character limit to write about Kevin Durant.

It was announced in a simple statement (via Twitter) that the superstar small forward (30.1 PPG in 2009-10) had quietly agreed to a five-year extension of his contract worth an estimated $85 million. There was no pageantry, no entourage, no grandiose posturing or billboards or primetime special surrounding the deal. He could have waited another year and brought the noise and funk to the losers of the 2010 free agent sweepstakes. Instead, Durant is expected to sign his new deal on Thursday and get back to work alongside Russell Westbrook.

The sequel to this summer’s madness will have other leads. Who will be the man in the seat opposite the man/woman in Larry King’s seat next year?

I like that it was done simply in the new world order.

Tell you what. Let’s make it more modern. Sound the vuvuzelas.