Quotes from a Men’s Journal interview with Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison popped up online Wednesday morning. I can only imagine the reaction at Steelers headquarters when the content was relayed.

If you’ve followed Harrison’s career at all, you know that he’s a man who doesn’t mince words. The full interview will be available when the magazine hits newsstands Friday, but the few snippets that have appeared on line will make you do a spit-take. Seriously, put the beverages aside while you’re reading these.

James Harrison Unloads

Harrison takes on Goodell, his teammates, the 2004 Patriots and leaves a trail of scorched ground hot enough to rival the Arizona desert where he’s training.

I have no doubt that his wallet will be a bit lighter once the lockout ends. The bigger question is whether Harrison’s comments on Ben Roethlisberger will have an impact in the locker room.

** I recognize that these quotes have been taken out of a larger piece in the tease by Men’s Journal. I will revisit the piece after seeing it in its entirety on Friday.