“Rocky” was a huge movie back in the mid-70s, an underdog story that thrust Sylvester Stallone into Hollywood superstardom and launched a series of movies. We all celebrated one-liners of the first two films and superior fight footage. “Rocky III” gave us Mr. T’s arrival as “Clubber Lang” and the brilliance of Hulk Hogan’s “Thunderlips.”


And, of course, “Rocky IV” gave us “If he dies …. he dies” from Dolph Lundgren’s “Ivan Drago.”

“Rocky V” and “Rocky Balboa” had their moments with Tommy “Shotgun” Morrison in the former and the video game setup of the later.

Now comes word that the series will come back to the silver screen once again. Ryan Coogler is set to helm a project that introduces Apollo Creed’s (Carl Weathers) grandson to the boxing realm. Mike Bertha of Philly.com has the details.