One of the things I do every day – it’s a veritable ritual – as I sit down to put my thoughts to paper to dissect stats, matchups and the news of the day, is to fire up the iTunes and get inspired by the bile, the vitriol, the unique world view of Adam Carolla. OK, so the word “unique” would probably inspire a rant if he saw this. I didn’t say “special.”

Anyway, you probably already subscribe to the podcast. But if you don’t, there’s a fantastic hour-long interview up that Carolla conducted with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns as PBS gets set to premiere his follow-up to the epic “Baseball” series. It’s called Baseball: The Tenth Inning . You should really check it out.

Carolla and Burns go through Burns’ career, “the journey,” as Carolla terms it and roll through the varied subjects that he has tackled throughout his career. Burns has tackled Jazz, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Shakers, Civil War, World War II, The Statue of Liberty, The National Parks … and has an upcoming series on the Prohibition era. There’s an entire hour of riffing, baseball chatter and bits and pieces of knowledge dropped.

You’ll be smarter at the Water Cooler tomorrow.

I know The Ace Broadcasting Network is rolling along, but I’m showing some love. Rants beget rants. There’s no ranting here, but really just a good conversation that you get to look in on.

That’s enough kissing ass. Listen to the show.