While I work to tweak final Week 1 Fantasy Football rankings, the Twitter feed is constantly refreshed for breaking news and injury updates. And the occasional pop culture brilliance … such as this. Her dominance in the ring unquestioned, we know that Ronda Rousey is working to expand her brand beyond the octagon and to […]

UFC President Dana White was outspoken about the judges’ decision in the George St. Pierre – Johny Hendricks battle at UFC 167 on Saturday night. White blasted the decision to award St. Pierre the victory, thereby causing a wave of responses in social media. He joined Jay Mohr on FOX Sports Radio on Monday morning […]

Earlier Saturday night, Chael Sonnen took down Michael Bisping in the co-main event of the FOX card from Chicago. His victory sets up a rematch with Anderson Silva for the middleweight crown. Sonnen secured the win and then toed the line of WWE-dom with his post-match Q&A with Joe Rogan. I like the style and […]

I’ll keep this brief. If only for one night, Tito Ortiz turned back the hands of time and reminded us how he helped push UFC bouts to a new level years ago. Ortiz was fighting for his legacy and most definitely for his job on Saturday night. He hadn’t won since his 2006 bout against […]