On Tuesday morning, golf fans and the larger sporting world learned what had long been feared. He’d already canceled an appearance at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, an event that he’d regularly dominated. At the time, the withdrawal was attributed to “back spasms.” Woods’ longstanding injury forced him to withdraw from “The Masters,” marking the first […]

We welcomed Father’s Day on FOX Sports Radio by talking about myriad topics. We had some fun in the Twitter-verse with a discussion of the great father-son combos in sports and entertainment. We talked some NFL free agency, trade rumors and a little bit of fantasy baseball. But the vast majority of our first hour […]

That’s my quick and simple question in response to the blowhard criticisms of Tiger Woods’ statement from Friday. Woods did precisely what we expected on Friday with a couple of twists – his references to Buddhism and the brief sidebar about PEDs. Would people be happier if he’d pulled off a character of Chappellian majesty, […]