Winter has been unkind for many people across the nation. So, it’s no surprise that the arrival of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue warmed the hearts and minds. In addition to the print issue, Sports Illustrated posted a number of videos about the photo shoots online. Kate Upton’s Zero Gravity shoot has been all the rage. […]


I always say that the world could use a little more Bootsy Collins. As I ponder suit choices for Super Bowl coverage in New York, I can’t help but thing that one of these numbers would bring down the house. Listen to Bootsy’s tribute to Peyton Manning.

Each week, I still receive my copy of Sports Illustrated in the mail. Sure, I peruse the in my daily round-up of news and opinions. I give Jimmy Traina’s “Hot Clicks” a spin. There is still something special about the cover of SI. The photograph is always frame-worthy, and the accompanying athlete profile or […]

Kate Upton made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show and busted out a new dance move “The Cat Daddy” while Fritzie busted out his patented Rick Astley impersonation. I believe that we can declare “The Dougie” officially dead after this one. You’re welcome, America.