On the heels of the perfect game tossed by Philip Humber’s last Saturday against the Mariners, Dan Epstein of Rolling Stone Magazine polled a number of our musical heroes about pitch counts, complete games and bullpen management. George Thorogood, Scott Ian, Tom Morello, Alice Cooper and Greg Dulli are among those chiming in. Rolling Stone […]

This weekend, the Red Sox and all of Major League Baseball celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park. The team welcomed some of the biggest names in the team’s history back to the ballpark for a grand event. Johnny Pesky and Bobby Doerr joined almost 200 other players and coaches to pay tribute to the […]

During the course of the past week, I heard and saw numerous promos for our “FOX Saturday Baseball” coverage. The Red Sox-Yankees series obviously got top billing and the full highlight treatment. The game between the White Sox and Mariners was an afterthought. Both games ended up having great significance. I’ll address the Red Sox […]