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I loaded up the straight up picks on Saturday. Here’s a run through the third week of NFL action – Against The Spread. Cincinnati at Carolina (+3): Carolina Buffalo at New England (-14 1/2): New England San Francisco at Kansas City (-3): San Francisco Tennessee at New York Giants (-3): New York Giants Cleveland at […]

Here are my picks for Week 3 — Straight up — Against the spread to come. Cincinnati at Carolina: Cincinnati Buffalo at New England: New England San Francisco at Kansas City: San Francisco Tennessee at New York Giants: New York Giants Cleveland at Baltimore: Baltimore Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay: Pittsburgh Atlanta at New Orleans: New […]

I rolled out the handy-dandy Zoom while prepping for my video wrap and screamed through some of the good, bad and ugly from Sunday’s action here in Week 2. I’ll save the larger diatribe about Brett Favre and the QB carousel for another time. For now, let’s celebrate Matt Ryan, Jahvid Best, LeSean McCoy while […]

Bishop Halpin Harmon PHI at DET (+6.5) DET PHI DET KC at CLE (-2) KC ARI at ATL (-6.5) ATL ATL ATL MIA at MIN (-5.5) MIA MIN MIN CHI at DAL (-7.5) CHI CHI CHI PIT at TEN (-5) PIT TEN PIT BAL at CIN (+2.5) CIN CIN CIN BUF at GB (-13) GB […]

Harmon dials up his Week 2 Rankings at Running Back. Are you ready for some Week 2 action? Dial it up on FOX Sports Radio at 7am PT.

The FOX Fantasy Football Show returns for Week 2 at 7am PT/10am ET. Harmon, Lundy & Burns ready to rant & set you up for Week 2. Harmon’s positional rankings for Week 2 to fly up on the board shortly.

Over the course of the season, we’ll be tracking the Looks and Touch leaders in the NFL. Obviously, you’ll have those mutant stats that leap off of the board, such as Roddy White’s 23 targets against the Steelers. Or, the fact that the Colts and Bengals were absolutely dreadful early, thereby forcing Peyton Manning and […]

You can’t stop CJ Spiller. You can only hope to contain him. Spiller helped lead the Bills to an exhibition win over the Bengals, scoring twice in the 35-20 win on Saturday night. He carried the ball 12 times for 52 yards, including a 20-yard sprint. Spiller added two catches for 33 yards. The workload […]

Harmon, Lundy & Burns – The Fantasy Freaks on FOX Sports Radio – put on their thinking caps to unveil their upper-tier running backs. Check out the “Fantasy Sports” tab for more ranking sheets.

Harmon had an opportunity to catch up with Heisman winner, National Champion and first-round pick of the Broncos, Tim Tebow. They talk about the combine, draft day, the interview with Josh McDaniels & the whirlwind ride to training camp. Check it out here .

It’s not a lengthy conversation, but Vernon Davis gave his thoughts on the 49ers’ growth under Mike Singletary in 2009 and hypes his fantasy value for 2010 (he’s a free agent to be in a much-improved offensive set). He’s definitely a top-5 tight end coming into the season. Where’s the ceiling? Check it out here […]

In the coming days, I’m posting a ton of audio, video, stats and insights to get you amped and ready to dominate your leagues and water cooler conversations for 2010. In the interim, I invite you to get the blood pumping with this first installment of the Freaks’ podcast. Dominate! The FANTASY FREAKS return

Recently, I worked my way through a long, arduous journey. I completed a slow fantasy football draft. That is, instead of the normal fast-paced draft with 60 to 90 seconds between picks, this draft worked off of a 12-hour clock. As such, it took weeks to wind to completion, and more than a few twists […]

Join Mike Harmon at the top of the hour for a little fantasy chat. Baseball, football & random yelling about the sporting world at large. Enter the chat

In the end, testing positive for a performance-enhancer didn’t matter. Brian Cushing, who tested positive for a banned substance (non-steroid, in his words), will serve a four-game suspension to start the season after losing his appeal on the matter. The positive test ultimately didn’t matter to voters, and the former USC linebacker got to keep […]

It was seemingly just a matter of time. Still, the news that JaMarcus Russell had actually been released by the Raiders left me shocked … and a little saddened. What happened to the Oakland organization that always left me on the edge of my seat, defying logic and common sense at every turn? The Raiders […]

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Buffalo fans suffered through a terribly frustrating 2009 season. Terrell Owens came into town and brought a lot of attention to the squad initially, but the passing game never clicked and his single season with the Bills will be an afterthought to a great career. (He’s not done yet, but you’re not remembering this season […]

The glorious three-day spectacle that is the NFL Draft came to a close on Saturday afternoon. The months of rumor, conjecture and speculation ended with the selection of wide receiver Tim Toone by the Lions. Fans will sit and criticize or laud the efforts of their respective GMs. Shrines will be built to the expected […]

It has begun and inside the Swollen Dome is the place to be for all of the latest draft news and we’d love to hear from you too! Post your cheers and jeers and join the draft debate – add your comments to this post and we may send you your very own Swollen Dome […]

Now that the suspension has been handed down, there’s ample speculation about the possibility of Roethlisberger getting dealt during draft weekend or soon thereafter. They pulled the trigger on Santonio Holmes, a former Super Bowl MVP, so nobody’s untouchable. Who can make it happen? St. Louis is a no-go. The Rams are trying to fire […]

Fans in Pittsburgh waited for the proverbial second shoe to drop for quite awhile. On Wednesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell finally kicked it off and handed down a six-game suspension for Ben Roethlisberger’s off-field transgressions. The league’s personal conduct policy offers Goodell a great deal of leeway in protecting the multi-billion dollar NFL shield. He […]

Good evening, all – I’m shuffling off for the weekend to attend to family business. On my return, I will be diving head-first into the offseason activity in the NFL. I’ll examine the free agency moves – good, bad and confusing and circling back to the trade that sent Donovan McNabb to Washington and thrust […]

On March 12th, I had a chance to catch up with Jon Bloom to discuss the exodus from the desert. The Cardinals have lost a number of big-time playmakers at the beginning of free agency (and a huge trade). What’s on tap for 2010? Bloom also expresses his “man-crush” on Edwin Jackson and gets fired […]