The World Series ended on Wednesday night with the Boston Red Sox vanquishing postseason Michael Wacha and the Cardinals in front of a raucous home crowd at Fenway Park. There’s just something about the Dunkin’ Donuts signs out there … Anyway, David Waldstein of “The New York Times” spins a tale of the legendary voices […]

I shan’t belabor the point. I wrote about this subject on the Dome early Sunday morning as it was announced and as Chicago reliever Carlos Marmol’s Wikipedia page was corrupted . Marmol was officially removed from the closer role in Chicago. He allowed earned runs in each of his first three appearances, including a two-home […]

When you’re winning, anything goes. You’re eccentric. You’re quirky. You’re different and a “breath of fresh air.” When you blow a huge lead down the stretch and miss the postseason, suddenly every story surfaces and those details are accompanied with a lot of finger-pointing and angst. Bob Hohler of The Boston Globe paints the portrait […]