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The 2013 season has been the year of the passing game and ridiculous point totals. There will be as many as 13 quarterbacks (with a couple of massive games for the back-end options, of course) to finish the season with 4,000 passing yards. With a couple big games by those on the fringe, perhaps 14 [...]

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Monday marked a huge day for the National Football League. I’ll address the highly-publicized Joe Flacco signing and point out where critics are wrong in a separate post here on the Dome. No, Monday was the deadline for applying the franchise tag to players ahead of the free agent frenzy to come. In the end, [...]

Harmon unloads his Week 1 RB Rankings. Some of the usual suspects at the top, but a lot of new entries to consider as you scroll through the list. Can John Fox get his running game going immediately? GB-NO backs are off of the board.

1 Jamaal Charles 2 Adrian Peterson 3 Chris Johnson 4 Ray Rice 5 Arian Foster 6 Rashard Mendenhall 7 Maurice Jones-Drew 8 Michael Turner 9 LeSean McCoy 10 Frank Gore 11 Matt Forte 12 Darren McFadden 13 Steven Jackson 14 Shonn Greene 15 DeAngelo Williams 16 Ahmad Bradshaw 17 Peyton Hillis 18 Knowshon Moreno 19 [...]

The time has come for a new round of great debates, and none captures the spirit of the football nation nearly as much as the simple question …. “Who is No. 1?” I opened the early fantasy schedule (you know. that little window post-NFL Draft) with Adrian Peterson in the top slot. As I’ve followed [...]

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