As we prepare for each edition of “The Jason Smith Show” on FOX Sports Radio, we leave no stone in the sports and pop culture worlds unturned. I saw a notice about an upcoming auction from Grey Flannel that includes one of the finest movie wardrobe entries that I’ve even seen. The robe and trunks [...]


On Tuesday night, my tag-team partner in radioland, Jason Smith, and I were discussing the 2014 NCAA Women’s Championship Game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the University of Connecticut Huskies. I had likened the coaches’ press conference comments to the “house show” rants of professional wrestlers from my youth. For the uninitiated, the [...]

Longtime readers of my work through Yahoo!, FOX Sports or here on the Dome or those who have stumbled across my voice on radio outlets nationwide recognize immediately my love of professional wrestling. I haven’t spent a ton of time watching the new iterations of the sports entertainment vehicle, but start a tape with footage [...]