My jaw almost dropped when I saw the dollar sign on the deal. The long-awaited sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers has been finalized. The price tag is reportedly in the neighborhood of $2 billion. That’s right. I’ll capitalize the B. Fans across Los Angeles celebrated when it was announced late Tuesday night that the […]

Mark Cuban, still basking in the glory of the Dallas Mavericks’ NBA Championship, joined TMZ Live to talk about the euphoria and the elephant in the room … Will he jump into the mix and buy the Dodgers if they’re put up for sale? Shawn Marion jumps into the fray as well. Mark Cuban on […]

To call the current climate surrounding the Los Angeles Dodgers tense and confrontational would be gross understatements. Major League Baseball has stepped into the day-to-day operations and a number of payroll transactions and top-level decisions are being put under the proverbial microscope. On Tuesday afternoon, Los Angeles owner Frank McCourt sat down in the hot […]