I know that this data set is based on imperfect numbers from the 2012 season. There’s going to be noise in the data. Obviously, teams made shifts in personnel through free agency and the draft to improve on last season’s failures, and we see a good number of teams rise from the depths to playoff […]

Consider this the teaser for the greatness to come as SwollenDome.com begins to ponder the 2013 NFL season. Below, I roll out the preliminary quarterback rankings for standard leagues. At the end of June, I will release a comprehensive fantasy football draft guide, replete with player profiles, team analysis, schedule reviews and countless performance breakdowns. […]

1. Aaron Rodgers, GB vs. STL 2. Tom Brady, NE vs. DAL 3. Drew Brees, NO at TB 4. Tony Romo, DAL at NE 5. Cam Newton, CAR at ATL 6. Michael Vick, PHI at WAS 7. Matthew Stafford, DET vs. SF 8. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT vs. JAC 9. Eli Manning, NYG vs. BUF 10. […]

1. Green Bay vs. STL 2. Pittsburgh vs. JAC 3. Cincinnati vs. IND 4. Baltimore vs. HOU 5. New York Jets vs. MIA 6. Detroit vs. SF 7. Washington vs. PHI 8. San Francisco at DET 9. Chicago vs. MIN 10. New Orleans at TB 11. Buffalo at NYG 12. Minnesota at CHI 13. New […]

1. Sebastian Janikowski, OAK vs. CLE 2. John Kasay, NO at TB 3. Mason Crosby, GB vs. STL 4. Stephen Gostkowski, NE vs. DAL 5. Dan Bailey, DAL at NE 6. Jason Hanson, DET vs. SF 7. Rian Lindell, BUF at NYG 8. David Akers, SF at DET 9. Neil Rackers, HOU at BAL 10. […]

1. Calvin Johnson, DET vs. SF 2. Greg Jennings, GB vs. STL 3. Wes Welker, NE vs. DAL 4. Mike Wallace, PIT vs. JAC 5. Hakeem Nicks, NYG vs. BUF 6. Miles Austin, DAL at NE 7. Steve Smith, CAR at ATL 8. Roddy White, ATL vs. CAR 9. A.J. Green, CIN vs. IND 10. […]

1. Adrian Peterson, MIN at CHI 2. Ray Rice, BAL vs. HOU 3. Darren McFadden, OAK vs. CLE 4. Matt Forte, CHI vs. MIN 5. Arian Foster, HOU at BAL 6. Fred Jackson, BUF at NYG 7. Michael Turner, ATL vs. CAR 8. LeSean McCoy at WAS 9. Peyton Hillis, CLE at OAK 10. Frank […]

1. New York Giants vs. SEA 2. Cincinnati at JAC 3. Houston vs. OAK 3. Detroit vs. CHI 4. San Diego at DEN 5. Chicago at DET 6. Green Bay at ATL 7. San Francisco vs. TB 8. Arizona at MIN 9. New York Jets at NE 10. Pittsburgh vs. TEN 11. Philadelphia at BUF […]

1. John Kasay, NO at CAR 2. Neil Rackers, HOU vs. OAK 3. Mason Crosby, GB at ATL 4. Sebastian Janikowski, OAK at HOU 5. David Akers, SF vs. TB 6. Sebastian Gostkowski, NE vs. NYJ 7. Mike Nugent, CIN at JAC 8. Matt Bryant, ATL vs. GB 9. Jason Hanson, DET vs. CHI 10. […]

1. Jimmy Graham, NO at CAR 2. Rob Gronkowski, NE vs. NYJ 3. Jermichael Finley, GB at ATL 4. Tony Gonzalez, ATL vs. GB 5. Owen Daniels, HOU vs. OAK 6. Dustin Keller, NYJ at NE 7. Vernon Davis, SF vs. TB 8. Greg Olsen, CAR vs. NO 9. Jermaine Gresham, CIN at JAC 10. […]

1. Calvin Johnson, DET vs. CHI 2. Greg Jennings, GB at ATL 3. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI at MIN 4 Hakeem Nicks, NYG at SEA 5. Roddy White, ATL vs. GB 6. Wes Welker, NE vs. NYJ 7. Mike Wallace, PIT vs. TEN 8. Vincent Jackson, SD at DEN 9. Steve Smith, CAR vs. NO 10. […]

1. Arian Foster, HOU vs. OAK 2. Adrian Peterson, MIN vs. ARI 3. Fred Jackson, BUF vs. PHI 4. LeSean McCoy at BUF 5. Darren McFadden, OAK at HOU 6. Matt Forte, CHI at DET 7. Ryan Mathews, SD at DEN 8. Chris Johnson, TEN at PIT 9. Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG vs. SEA 10. Michael […]

1. Aaron Rodgers, GB at ATL 2. Tom Brady, NE vs. NYJ 3. Matt Ryan, ATL vs. GB 4. Drew Brees, NO at CAR 5. Michael Vick, PHI at BUF 6. Matthew Stafford, DET vs. CHI 7. Philip Rivers, SD at DEN 8. Cam Newton, CAR vs. NO 9. Ryan Fitzpatrick, BUF vs. PHI 10. […]

Rank Player Team Targets Receptions Opponent 1. Julio Jones ATL 17 11 SEA 2. Jimmy Graham NO 14 10 JAC 2. Hakeem Nicks NYG 14 10 ARI 2. Wes Welker NE 14 9 OAK 5. Calvin Johnson DET 13 8 DAL 6. Santonio Holmes NYJ 12 3 BAL 6. Ed Dickson BAL 12 4 NYJ […]

We’ll get the full run of players on Monday morning (those that can’t be hidden, of course), but fantasy owners will anxiously be monitoring the injury statuses of Andre Johnson and Rashard Mendenhall as Week 5 approaches. Mendenhall didn’t run particularly well against the Texans in limited opportunities. He did, however, score the Steelers’ lone […]

1. Green Bay vs. DEN 2. Chicago vs. CAR 3. Washington at STL 4. Atlanta at SEA 5. Baltimore vs. NYJ 6. Philadelphia vs. SF 7. New Orleans at JAC 8. San Diego vs. MIA 9. Detroit at DAL 10. Tennessee at CLE 11. New York Giants at ARI 12. New York Jets at BAL […]

1. Sebastian Janikowski, OAK vs. NE 2. John Kasay, NO at JAC 3. Jason Hanson, DET at DAL 4. Mason Crosby, GB vs. DEN 5. Stephen Gostkowski, NE at OAK 6. Neil Rackers, HOU vs. PIT 7. Robbie Gould, CHI vs. CAR 8. Billy Cundiff, BAL vs. NYJ 9. David Akers, SF at PHI 10. […]

1. Jermichael Finley, GB vs. DEN 2. Rob Gronkowski, NE at OAK 3. Jimmy Graham, NO at JAC 4. Jason Witten, DAL vs. DET 5. Greg Olsen, CAR at CHI 6. Brandon Pettigrew, DET at DAL 7. Tony Gonzalez, ATL at SEA 8. Dustin Keller, NYJ at BAL 9. Vernon Davis, SF at PHI 10. […]

1. Roddy White, ATL at SEA 2. Mike Wallace, PIT at HOU 3. Calvin Johnson, DET at DAL 4. Andre Johnson, HOU vs. PIT 5. Wes Welker, NE at OAK 6. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI vs. NYG 7. Vincent Jackson, SD vs. MIA 8. Greg Jennings, GB vs. DEN 9. Stevie Johnson, BUF at CIN 10. […]

1. Adrian Peterson, MIN at KC 2. Darren McFadden, OAK vs. NE 3. Matt Forte, CHI vs. CAR 4. Ray Rice, BAL vs. NYJ 5. LeSean McCoy, PHI vs. SF 6. Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC vs. NO 7. Fred Jackson, BUF at CIN 8. LeGarrette Blount, TB vs. IND 9. Michael Turner, ATL at SEA 10. […]

1. Aaron Rodgers, GB vs. DEN 2. Tom Brady, NE at OAK 3. Drew Brees, NO at JAC 4. Matthew Stafford, DET at DAL 5. Matt Schaub, HOU vs. PIT 6. Philip Rivers, SD vs. MIA 7. Eli Manning, NYG at ARI 8. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT at HOU 9. Rex Grossman, WAS at STL 10. […]

Harmon goes “In The Locker Room” with Tunch & Wolf on ESPN 970 in Pittsburgh shortly. Listen in – PITTBURGH’S ESPN 970

I like bravado. I like swagger … and I have to like what I’ve seen from the Detroit offense. Sure, the Vikings got after Stafford early, but he knows the cure-all. Get the ball in the direction of Calvin and marvel at the effort.

1. Jason Witten, DAL vs. WAS 2. Rob Gronkowski, NE at BUF 3. Fred Davis, WAS at DAL 4. Owen Daniels, HOU at NO 5. Tony Gonzalez, ATL at TB 6. Dustin Keller, NYJ at OAK 7. Jimmy Graham, NO vs. HOU 8. Greg Olsen, CAR vs. JAC 9. Jermichael Finley, GB at CHI 10. […]

. Vincent Jackson, SD vs. KC 2. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI at SEA 3. Andre Johnson, HOU at NO 4. Calvin Johnson, DET at MIN 5. Kenny Britt, TEN vs. DEN 6. Mike Wallace, PIT at IND 7. DeSean Jackson, PHI vs. NYG 8. Stevie Johnson, BUF vs. NE 9. Greg Jennings, GB at CHI 10. […]