I’ll wax poetic another time. The top of the wide receiver board is stocked with the usual suspects. But, change is afoot. Mike Evans crashes the top-5, and we’ve got Michael Thomas and Brandin Cooks entering the top 10. Cooks offers Tom Brady his first true deep ball threat since Randy Moss in that historic […]

Wide Receivers UPDATED 1 Calvin Johnson 2 Andre Johnson 3 Mike Wallace 4 Steve Smith (CAR) 5 Wes Welker 6 Jordy Nelson 7 Dez Bryant 8 Roddy White 9 Greg Jennings 10 Larry Fitzgerald 11 Vincent Jackson 12 Hakeem Nicks 13 Marques Colston 14 DeSean Jackson 15 Santonio Holmes 16 Victor Cruz 17 Brandon Lloyd […]