Brady Hoke appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show” on FOX Sports Radio Tuesday morning. He started to talk about rivalries and scheduling before taking a detour and calling out the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Hoke broke out the term “chickening out” to describe Notre Dame’s option to cancel the series in the future while continuing […]

Kate Upton made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show and busted out a new dance move “The Cat Daddy” while Fritzie busted out his patented Rick Astley impersonation. I believe that we can declare “The Dougie” officially dead after this one. You’re welcome, America.

Former “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen checks in with Dan Patrick on Wednesday’s show. It’s been three weeks since the first appearance with Sheen that spawned three weeks of “Winning”-speak. “Still working out?” asks Patrick. “Like a maniac.” Charlie Sheen on Dan Patrick Wednesday Morning

On Tuesday’s edition of “the well-listened to Dan Patrick Show,” disgraced former NBA referee Tim Donaghy called in to discuss the NBA Playoffs and sell some books. He cited examples of plays in the fourth game of the Orlando-Boston series that pointed to referees’ exertion of undue influence to thwart the potential sweep. He also […]